How would you describe your dad?

Sorry man.

My father died of early onset Alzheimer’s 3 years ago.

It’s just awful, no way to sugarcoat it.

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To answer op seriously tho…

He was a man of few words. A stoic, hard working family man who did it all for his family. He wasn’t rich by any means, but he managed to support us in all our endeavors. A classic man who was destined to be a lifelong bachelor till he met my mom, and gave up that life to give me and my brothers a damn near perfect upbringing. A proud Navy veteran who loved this country. He loved baseball, and watching us play sports. A stern, yet loving father who would do anything for us. He reminds me of Jack Arnold from the wonder years in many ways. A man not without his vices, which ultimately ended up costing him his life. Losing him while still only in high school was very rough. He was the best father I could have asked for, and I miss him every day.



Sorry bro.

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A blue collar hard working provider.



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This thread is dusty af

One tough and determined son of a gun. Very dedicated to his family. He worked as an Ironworker well into his 70s, as connector of all things. Few folks on this planet now days would do what it took to be a connector during most of his career.

Even early in my own career there were none of these modern OSHA tie off rules. I remember as an apprentice working on a powerhouse, having to walk the iron with a snow shovel to scrape off all the ice on the beams each morning, while all the journeymen stood around a fire barrel waiting on me. That was way light-weight compared to connecting back then.

When he passed in his early 80s he was still working, though he had quit connecting by then and was working as a welder. He had all kinds of physical injuries, way too many to be physically working at that age. He gave no fucks at all, he just liked to work.