How would you match up these UFC HW's

These UFC HW's are not currently scheduled:



Big Nog




I would do:

1) Struve vs Big Nog

2) JDS vs Rothwell

3) Mittrione vs Barnett (if barnett turns it down and decides to sit out) I would do Mittrione vs the winner of Mir/bigfoot.



JDS V Barnett
Mitrione V Rothwell
Struve V Big Nog

but if I could match up Big Nog against anyone it would be Cro Cop

I want big nog to retire tbh. Phone Post 3.0

nog vs rothwell

mitrione vs jds

barnett vs struve

I think Rodrigo loses to anyone with decent hand speed and power at this stage. His speed going is one thing, his ability to take a shot being compromised kinda makes it an uphill struggle for him.

Crocop (win lose or draw against Gonzaga) should be his last match. Phone Post 3.0

JDS vs Mittrione
Struve vs Rothwell
Nog vs Barnett Phone Post 3.0

Mir is the only fight I want to see Nog in. Either that or he should retire.

JDS/Mitrione vs barnett would be great.

JDS vs Struve

Mitrione vs Rothwell

Barnett vs Bigfoot (win or lose vs Mir) & Mir vs Brock (if Mir wins & Brock comes back)

dont really care to see Big Nog fight anymore!