How would've you handled fame and fortune...

as a teenager or in your early 20's?

Not well.

prolly be dead

I would have been an abnoxious ass hole. Arrogant and rude..

So it wouldn't have changed me at all.

I'd be dead. 

Awfully. Drugs and booze wouldn't be an issue. I have had plenty of opportunities to abuse both in my regular life now. Never did. But I would be incredibly irresponsible. I'd be broke by 25.

as much of a nutjob i was in college and shortly after, I think id handle fame and fortune pretty well

id live a low key, secluded life like the keanus and george rr martins of the world

My dick would look like a pimento loaf.

Coke and Hookers until my heart gave out. 

I would have banged two chicks at the same time. 


By having sex with as many women as possible.

King Trav - Not well.


Sometimes I think the only reason I made it past 25 was because I didn't have a lot of disposible income.

If that wasn't an issue, I would have either partied, fucked, or done something reckless and end up dead.

Better than I handled being broke as fuck.


i'd still be rich and i'd have never married

Probably would be dead, it is why I don't judge some young athletes so harshly when they do stupid things. 

I'd be a complete hermit and recluse, not unlike Howard Hughes in his later life.

I think I would have been ok. I was a really level headed kid and basically straight edge because I was super into MMA at the time and health. 

At 18-21 any spare time I'd just get wasted so add fame and fortune and some serious shit goes down.