How you feeling about Eugenics these days?

I want a real life Kwisatz Haderach. Don’t you dare diminish my dreams.

Yes u can have high IQ people with dumb parents & Vice Versa.
But we are smarter than apes.
Therefore intelligence in species can change as a group when intelligence correlates with breeding.
Some hamsters are more intelligent than some humans (the brain dead) & some poodles are larger than some Saint Bernards (newborns) but Saint Bernards are still larger than poodles.
So can we stop with the “no all…” point that’s made on every damn thread on the UG?

Incindently couple years ago I read an article which showed in the white and black world the leas intelligent reproduce more than the intelligent. And in the Asian world the intelligent tend to have more kids.
It had studies & such.
No idea where it was or if it’s even accurate.
Was just trying to minimize the racist undertones in this debate by saying
BOTH whites & blacks have the less intelligent and successful having more kids.

At this pace idiocracy is imminent.
But not exactly.
Cause a century ago back to time immemorial people tended to breed with those that they lived near.
But now with humans meeting more people we tend to Breed more with those close to us in intellect.
The smarter people that go to places like cal tech tend to breed with those that have similar intelligence and interests.
So although the poor and stupid have far more kids.
The smartest people will get smarter and smarter.
If it stays this way it suggest a future like that in HG Welles “the time machine” wherein the have & have-nots have evolved into very different types of people.

Here it comes
“Yeah but I know a couple that are idiots and there kid is…”
Then here comes
“You’re just a Nazi.”
Oh well I tried

Eugenics obviously exists. Look at the US education system and the people that are now the present day generation of adults.

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they have the largest population of nobel prize winners. they wouldnt make the cut because youre a fucking nazi

I bet jews have won the most oscars, grammys, emmys, etc. too. Those awards are nothing more than industry circle-jerks.

That’s true those awards mean nothing.
But we cannot deny that jews have way more than their share of Einstein’s and Jonas salks who saved millions of lives