how2: beans complete protein?

I got a great deal on black beans... and would like to
know with what other foods can I combine them to make
a complete protein. I am so sick of beans and rice
btw. If I eat my beans w spinach or in a salad would
that make it a complete protein? Would adding black
beans with flax or sesame seeds make it a complete
protein? Any information would be greatly
appreciated. thanks in advance!

How about chicken? Are you looking for only vegetarian options?

Soy is complete, other beans (like black) are not, as far as i know.

For vegetarian options you have to mix it with a grain (pasta, bread (any wheat), rice, etc), or a nut/seed (check the protein amounts on the sides of containers that you buy). You could always combine it with soy of some kind, and if you eat dairy or eggs, those will always work as well.


Beans and corn make for a complete protein meal. It was a long held belief that to get the benefits from a complete protein meal that you had to ingest all of the proteins at the same time. Although many people still believe this there is ample evidence to show that it is not true. The body will store incomplete proteins for later combination with the missing proteins even if they are ingested as far apart as 48 hours.

Best in Health and Training, J. R.

exactly, don't worry about it

ok couple more questions:

would eating the black beans (not complete protein)
and later eating a complete protein (like eggs, tuna,
salmon) turn the black beans into complete proteins as
well? even though the eggs and fish are complete
proteins? If that is the case is there a ratio in
which i shoudl consume them?

could i combine them with the following items to make
them into complete proteins (sick of beans & rice /
beans & pasta):
blck. beans and oatmeal?
blck. beans and flax seeds?
blck. beans and buckwheat?
blck. beans and broccoli?
blck. beans and spinach?

how bout sour cream?

thanks in advance!

JRS- In my nutrition course, the prof said "24 hours or so", where do you get 48?


great deal on black beans? there .33 cents a can? how cheaper can you go?

free. 5lbs.