howabout a list of backstage..

bull from all of our favorite wrestlers

like what did jbl do to meanie or how did triple h keep people down

Matt Striker having to use a closet as a locker room.

Randy Orton defecating in some divas' purses.

JBL shitting in Sable's purse.

Helms getting in a fight with Bagwell.

Angle taking lesnar down amateur style.

didnt jericho fight goldberg

that would have been a great feud

Big show pushing Goldberg down into his chair in the canteen and walking off laughing.

i heard that mr ass got herpes from rikishi

i thought rikishi was married

angle-lesnar wasn't backstage technically, as they did it in the ring in front of everyone. Off camera; but no need to split hairs

drunk mt perfect and lesnar almost causin a plane to crash while wrasslin drunk!

same flight michael hayes was shaved

"what did jbl do to meanie"

JBL was pissed at comments Meanie made on his website. At ECW one night stand he stiffed Meanie several times busting him open. Meanie had stitches from the night before and they were opened. WWE gave meanie a very short deal as a thank you. Whoever thinks it was a work is full of shit.

"Randy Orton defecating in some divas' purses"

It was skin lotion. His suspension was due (among other things) to openly smoking a joint backstage, Tom Pritchard busted him.

"JBL shitting in Sable's purse"

Legit dookie supposedly, but her release/lawsuit centered on sexual harassment. Lawler has had his crown shit in numerous times.

"Helms getting in a fight with Bagwell"

He damn near KO'ed Buff with a bottle of frozen water (I think at the WCW Powerplant)

"how did triple h keep people down"

By refusing to work programs with them, staying champ way too long, and regaining the belt too quickly when he did lose

I don't remember which bimbo it was, but on her myspace page she told the story. Basically she claims that she rejected Orton's advances so he started messing w/ her. He is such an ass, that the caca rumor seemed very plausible.

Orton shat in Diva's purse. Anyways she quit I think

After a show one night i met Orton at a local bar, the guy is a TOTAL douche bag. Hitting on EVERY woman in site, not talking to fans, brushing them off, the guy is an asshole hands down.

backstory behind HBK ass beating please.