Howard and Harden are killing the Rockets

Combine 2-11. I think Portland wins this series because of Harden

Harden doesn't even try on defense Phone Post 3.0

Here u go with this Shit Phone Post 3.0

Poor defensive fundamentals and a clear lack of effort. Phone Post 3.0

Is it not true? Hell. Webber just said it as well Phone Post 3.0

Dirty Dick Slater - Is it not true? Hell. Webber just said it as well Phone Post 3.0
Yeah you're right.

Trade Harden and Howard for lockdown defenders imo Phone Post 3.0

Harden is killing the Blazrrs Phone Post 3.0

He is 5-12. Parsons is killing the blazera Phone Post 3.0

Considering he was like 1/7 at one point he's been killing Portland for the last few minutes Phone Post 3.0

JasonJ - OP, are you ever going to admit the Rockets aren't a playoff team without Harden or Howard?

VU tmrw Phone Post 3.0

Of course they aren't. But they are not a championship team with either of them. When your star refuses to play defense you will never win. Phone Post 3.0

Harden is 5-19. Carmelo lite Phone Post 3.0

Harden would look mighty nice in a wolves uniform. Phone Post 3.0

Playoff nerves maybe? I know Derozen played horrible in the first Toronto game, but you have to expect him to pick it up.

Wow. Garbage call. Harden gets so many calls it's sickening.

Harden is now shooting 32% tonight Phone Post 3.0

DennyBoii - LETS GO PORTLAND! I'm from SE Portland. Grew up a blazers fan. We need this. Phone Post 3.0
Get in our Portland thread! Phone Post 3.0

It's been a great game. Going to be an awesome series. Aldridge in the post is a pleasure to watch. Dwight also looks vastly improved in iso situations.

Aldridge is head and shoulders the best player in this series... What an underrated player... Phone Post 3.0

Howards gone 6 for 7 since 4 mins left in the 4th from the line. I think he's redeemed Phone Post