Howard competiotiin gi?

I have a super weight one i need to sell. It is more about getting a great gi to someone who will use it as intended. I am not going to compete in it so it lays fallow.

Ebay kinda sux so where can I sell it online where it might be bought by someone in the bjj know? Phone Post 3.0

Or try to sell it on here? Phone Post 3.0

bjj gi addicts on facebook. they are shoyoroll snobs but you might be able to sell it there.

Nice... TY Phone Post 3.0

I had one of these a while back (comp single) that I liked a lot and eventually wore out. I've been toying with idea of getting another. They've actually discontinued from actual "double weave" for BJJ from what I remember but were still making their comp single. HCK sizing it normally a bit different if I remember correctly. I normally buy A3 in most Gi's and Size 5" in HCK though.

What size is it and how much do you want for it?

Or by "super weight" did you mean "comp lite". I wasn't personally crazy about the comp lite version from them I had.

From what I've had from HCK, Comp Single- great Gi (heavy but a tank of a go) would buy again. Unbleached single- use to be less expensive. Liked it as a budget daily training Gi. Comp lite- wasn't crazy about it.

What size and color?I love the comp single and also the RS lite I got recently Phone Post 3.0

Yeah details. I'm interested if it's in size 6. Phone Post 3.0

It is a size 5. I am 5 10" and the sleeves are a bit short for me but i have looong arms. I have a comp light also but this one is the heavier model. The only other tag in it says "1" lol.

The collar on it is so thick it cannot be bent easily. I dunno what it is worth. IM me if you are interested. Shipping is what will be a pain... Probably $12 right there dammit. Phone Post 3.0

Any offers?

I tried to send you a msg, but you only accept from blue namers or friends.

Bizarre... Phone Post 3.0

Okay, settings fixed and msg sent.