hows it going miller?

i read where you havent been feeling so good lately, any updates?

ok, i thought you were on

I'm getting better but haven't started training again yet

cool man. hope all goes well


glad to hear it clayton, pretty soon you will be back to your sunglass breakin self.

awww, i forgive ya.

I have no idea what that means but any man who can go into public with a perm is ok in my book

damn it! its not a perm! you think i would do this on purpose?

i was referencin the last time ya saw me. ya gave me a hug and broke the sunglasses that were in my shirt. ok, maybe it wasnt a friendly hug but some kind of underhanded sneak attack as you are known for.

"damn it! its not a perm! you think i would do this on purpose?"

Yeah,yea, whatever, was the 80's calling,they want their hair back

Sorry about your sunglaasses but honestly,who carries them in their shirt in the first place?

I do have a friendly hug for you next time we run into each other though but you have to be in the front