How's my work out look?

I'm trying to join my cities fire department, and I was trying to make a workout to give better functional strength and a little more cardio conditioning. this is what I've come up with.

Monday morning: Squats 5x5, Dumbell bench press 5x5, Lunges 5x5, Super set 5x4 weighted dips and 5x4 divebombers.

Monday night: 1 and a half hour Muay Thai

Tuesday: abs and taku intervals on elliptical.

Wednesday morning: Hang clean 5x5, Military press 5x5, Shrugs 3x8, Iron cross 3x8, Dumbell snatch 5x5

Wednesday night: 2 hours MMA

Thursday: same as tuesday.

Friday: Deadlift 5x5, 3 sets rep out each of Wide grip, close grip, medium grip, and chin ups.

Saturday morning: same as tues and thurs

Sat night 1 and half hour Muay Thai.

Sunday: 2 hours MMA.

Is this too much? Not enough? Any changes i should make?

TTT anyone?

if i was you i would try to incoroporate some rest days somewhere in there. it depends how your body is, but you will definitely need time to recover.

especially after weight lifting.

bigger man than me charlie brown.

I reckon I train hard but I would be injured/depressed/uninterested after 3 weeks of that

If the results are coming then it's fine. Some people could do it, and some could not. I dont think i could and get good results for very long.

Some things i might change besides adding rest days:

I would do more reps on the DB bench. 5 reps with dumbells seems a tad low to me. If you really feel it works though, stick with it.

I'd also do higher reps on the shrugs.


Vermonter: Where do you think i should put in my rest days, and how many sets/reps for the dumbell presses? What about the shrugs too? Thanks for your input :)

Well, All of the stuff you are doing is good stuff, but you need to figure out what you need the most of right now, and cut out some of the stuff you dont need as much.

For example, if you felt that your cardio is sufficient for now, you could cut out the intervals and the skill work would be maintenance. Or if you felt plenty strong, then you could put the weights on maintenance and focus on cardio.

It sounds like you want to keep up the cardio, so i would cut back on the weights. Try this approach: Assess your goals 1st. Write down your top two fitness needs. Something like : 1. Cardio, 2. Bitchin abs; or 1. More shoulder endurance, 2. a stronger squat.

The best way to determine your needs are to figure out what is the most fatigued after your skill work. For example, after BJJ my arms are totally burned out, and my heart rate is a little too high. So, those are my focuses and all other things are on the back burner.

It takes an ego check to stop doing some of the stuff you feel like you "need" but it is well worth it in the long run.

I'd do the DB bench in the 10 to 15 rep range. The number of sets will depend on its importance to your routine. I think the bar is better for the lower reps.

8 reps is fine for shrugs, just on the lower end of acceptable for me. Because the ROM is so small and considering what the traps are designed for, they like a lot of abuse (that may be almost a direct quote from my good friend Ryno). Do 8 to 20 reps for shrugs. Throw in farmer's walks for a change every now and again. 2-4 working sets (give em a good warmup).