how's the job market

hey i've been doing systems engineering for about 4 years now and am considering getting a new job. mine is fine now, but i just want to move somewhere else.

is it tough getting jobs these days? anybody activly looking?

BS in CS

it's better than 2-3 years ago for sure, plus you have experience under your belt. It'll probably take a little work depending on the area you're in, but there are jobs out there for experienced people


If you are in the blows goats in hell.

Here in Ohio it REALLY REALLY sucks ass.

AZ is good

West coast seems to have picked up since 2-3 years ago. Vegas is really good. I applied for a number of sysadmin type jobs and got 3 interviews within 2 weeks time.

interesting. thanks for the posts. when i graduated, jobs were offering an average of 53K a year salary.

let's included base starting pay with thread.

ttt for more info.