How's the Market?

I just got another contract for 15/hr MORE than my last one. C# rules...and I hope the market just keeps getting better.


that's great for the experienced guys, but what's the market like for someone who's not experienced?

interested to hear other people's opinions.

We are hiring a Linux sysadmin at work. We are getting some pretty good resumes, including a resume from a guy who has more experience than me (his potential boss). So I'd say the Linux sysadmin market is tough. We aren't getting a TON of those resumes though, so tough but not impossible.

Depends on your location too. I was looking recently here in Toronto and the amount of job ads are about the same as when I was last looking 3 years ago. And I had no problem getting interveiws then. And I'm just a run of the mill MCSE/Support guy. But a friend of mine just spent 8 months Unemployment before he finally scored something.

I'm in the silicon valley area. Market sucks here, probably worst in the whole country as far as I know.

I'm starting to notice a number of IT security start-ups popping up here (ie.,

that's great for the experienced guys, but what's the market like for someone who's not experienced?What I did: got an internship job. That job helped me get an entry-level job for low pay (gotta start somewhere). Over time, I got raises at that job. Also during that time I got my MCSD. Then moved on, but was paid a little higher (maybe 5K). Then I was able to start contracting. I've been doing that ever since (with one exception, see my "I'm a god" thread). I also renewed my MCSD on the .NET track and got back in to contracting because perm jobs are bullshit when you want to make real money. Here I am today.You might take a different path, but whatever it is I hope it works and it is something you like to do. If I had more advice, I'd give it to you. Just remember that you have to start somewhere even if it sucks and is for low pay. I've been there believe me. Work hard and keep learning...always keep on top of things. As Will Rogers once said, "Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you stand still."Good luck!

theseansterGOD is correct

Had to turn down 2 offers this week because I'm so busy. Things are much, much better now.