How's this dude's deadlift form?

How's this guy's deadlift form? He's allegedly pulling 455lbs in the vid. I don't think there's a way to embed facebook videos but here is the link




Frig. Epic fail by me.

dude's privacy settings won't let me post a working link, i guess

wow, this is worse than my threads.

JDV - wow, this is worse than my threads.
And that's saying a lot. Phone Post 3.0

VU out of pity

Mumbly Joe -

If that's the vid then this must be a troll.

If it's real and that's how he deadlifts then it's only a matter of time before he slips a disc/discs Phone Post 3.0

He's also in danger of tearing his shoulder/biceps with the shrugs Phone Post 3.0

woah... that vid makes my back spasm

Holy Cow! There is no way a human being is dumb enough to do that to themselves.

That's the way the pros do it.

Looks good!

Blind for OP:

lmao @ that vid

Mumbly Joe -

Crossfit ? Phone Post 3.0