How's your hairline doing?

I still have a thick mop at 37. No baldness on either side of my family. How you holding up OG? Phone Post

Not well

My hairline is great.... But male pattern baldness got me.

Have kept it buzzed down or shaved since about 20. I rock a beautiful fucking beard though Phone Post

28 yo with a five head maybe even a six head. Its also going grey. This is bullshit. Phone Post

Hair is great right now (age 29) my dad was completely bald by 21 but I'm 1/3 Mexican (Mom is half) so I'm pretty confident I'll have good hair for a while. Phone Post

BaldTony - Not well
LMFAO Phone Post 3.0

BaldTony - Not well
Lol perfect name Phone Post 3.0

perfect, sitting gloriously on top of my mountain of a forehead.

Like the McDonalds arches

I kid Phone Post 3.0

Doing Great

Doing good only 20 though Phone Post

35 and it's pretty much the same as ever. However the grey is coming strong at me. Phone Post 3.0

28, hairline great, thinning out a little bit but I keep it short anyway. Phone Post 3.0

19 years old. Looking aesthetic as fuark Phone Post 3.0

Just turned 33, front has been thinning for years, but has really taken a hit in the last couple of months. I'm glad I started shaving it years ago.

33. So far so good.

Thriving. Our family genes traded a lack of baldness for ridiculously short tongues. Phone Post

Louisvillain - 

My hairline went from 


to currently

I got the same hairline man. There isnt any kind of hairstyle for it either. Im sick of wearing hats all the time, especially now I have to wear glasses. Gettin greys in my it sucks getting old.

32, got every hair on my head but starting to get a few grays.

My mom's dad passed away at 84 with absolutely every silver hair intact, so I'm hoping I benefit from that.

  1. I don't shave cause I want to... Phone Post 3.0