How's your hairline doing?

16 y/o

29 y/o

It's been thinning and receding in the corners but I try to cover it with how I style my hair. I don't think I can do it much longer:( I look terrible with short hair so I'm fucked once I can't cover it up anymore. Phone Post 3.0

dannyapodaca - My grandson told me its getting real clear right here as he made a circle pattern with his finger on my head 1 day Phone Post
I knew a Danny Apodaca in HS Phone Post 3.0

All gone and shaved clean.
I dig it now. Phone Post 3.0

42 and no sign of balding

but i got some greys poppin up. especially in my beard

BaldTony - Not well

Legit lol Phone Post

I'm the guy on the bottom

img Phone Post 3.0

22....and not good..... not good at all Phone Post

It's fine and I still have the thickest hair going. Shame I can't grow any facial hair. Phone Post 3.0

25 and the hairline is alright but it's getting think in the back :( Phone Post 3.0

Thick but front is thinning. Any ideas for mitigation? Rogaine? Phone Post

37, grey and receding .... But when I wear a hat, people say I look late 20's...... Phone Post 3.0

Starting to get concers Phone Post 3.0

36 and a full head but grays on both sides Phone Post 3.0

In my 30's and was shaving my head since HS. Ran with the cholos so I still look good bald but when I let a week slip by I look like shit. Phone Post 3.0

Mines at the back of my head racing for the bottom of my neck. Phone Post 3.0

I have an incredibly thick head of hair. Just have some big streaks of gray. Phone Post

41, Have to keep my head shaved. Not shiny bald, but bald nonetheless. Otherwise I'd have a "c" wrapped around my skull. Grey in my goatee, but it looks nice. Ladies still flirt, so it can't look too bad.

Louisvillain -

My hairline went from 


to currently

Me too :( Phone Post

Ugh. It's a daily struggle. Went from a 3 guard down to a 2 guard today. I'll continue to get lower until I whip out the razor. Phone Post