Hrmm... Upgrades

Correct. Get healthy.

Is covid 'under control" in Isreal?

I don’t know. I don’t see how that’s relevant to the memes.

Yes, I don’t take either because I’m young and healthy.

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Talk the rest into doing what they normally do with flu vaccines.

Why not talk them into being healthy

Didn’t a recent blood donation survey show 80%+ had immunity/antibodies through vaccination or infection? I thought I remembered 75-80% being touted as herd immunity when this was all starting. Sounds like we are there, or at least close.

Granted it’s been awhile, but when I took virology they explained that the “common cold” was really corona and rhino viruses and the reason the common cold would never be cured was because 1) the cold is actually many different viruses, and that 2) corona viruses mutated too quickly for us to build an effective vaccine. Again, it’s been a while, and with AI and such they have sped things up quite a bit, but this has played out like a virus that we just can’t keep up with using vaccines.

The vast majority of the people who do know this stuff think vaccines will help. I’m not sure if people who haven’t studied virology in a while think it won’t or will.

They is already concern that the vaccine created about a year ago isn’t effective against mu. Maybe they are wrong. How far along is the vaccine for mu?

I’ll defer to the experts on that. It’s been a while since I’ve studied virology.

Fair enough.

Some real imbeciles in here.
…you know exactly who you are!