almost as entertaining as the HG yo!

I like these T-shirts:

"You SUCK which is why you need Jesus"

"Homeschooled & Wild"

"I want to be a Youth Pastor"

Welcome to the EQ test, a preview of the Field Guide to Evangelicals and Their Habitat by Joel Kilpatrick, available now in bookstores everywhere. Before reading the Field Guide, it will be useful to determine how evangelical you are:
1. In the last election you:
a. Made your homepage.
b. Listened carefully to both candidates' positions.
c. Tithed to the Bush campaign.

  1. Your children attend school:
    a. at the local public school.
    b. at a private school.
    c. in your living room.

  2. You think "backslide" is:
    a. A country dance step.
    b. A type of alcoholic drink.
    c. A sinful state of non-belief.

  3. If someone says "See you here, there or in the air," you know they mean:
    a. "I'd like to see you hanged."
    b. "Let's get together on our next business trip."
    c. "See you at church, in heaven or at the Rapture."

  4. Your car bumper sticker reads
    a. Pro-Child, Pro-Choice
    b. My child is an honor student
    c. My boss is a Jewish carpenter

  5. The last time you raised your hands was:
    a. During an encounter with the law.
    b. On a roller coaster.
    c . During praise and worship.

  6. Prominently displayed in your living room is:
    a. Your vacation shot glass collection.
    b. An expensive piece of modern sculpture.
    c. A Thomas Kinkade painting the size of a child's swimming pool.

  7. The last time you read the Bible was:
    a. At your aunt's memorial service.
    b. When you were bored in a hotel room.
    c . Five minutes ago.

  8. You hope heaven is like:
    a. The Summer of '69.
    b. A non-stop rave.
    c. A gated, Republican community.

  9. Before each meal you:
    a. Have a stiff drink.
    b. Say grace.
    c. Give an altar call for your family.

  10. The last time you were in a bar, it was to:
    a. Pay your tab.
    b. See the guys.
    c. Hang posters for an evangelistic crusade.

  11. You greet your friends by saying:
    a. "Where's the money you owe me?"
    b. "How's it hanging?"
    c. "Blessings, brother."

  12. When another driver cuts you off in traffic, you:
    a. Give him the finger.
    b. Take down his license plate number.
    c. Pray for his salvation.

  13. On your last vacation you:
    a. Got drunk in Cancun.
    b. Gambled in Vegas.
    c. Built a church in Ecuador.

  14. You think Wal-Mart is:
    a. A greedy corporation.
    b. A downscale place for cheap goods.
    c. An extension of your local mega-church.

Congratulations on finishing the EQ test! Award yourself
0 points for every "a" answer,
5 points for every "b" answer
10 points for every "c" answer.

125-150 points Very evangelical.
75-124 Somewhat evangelical.
25-74 Backslidden.
0-24 Unsaved.