Huerta Fighting On TUF 5 Finale

Posted in a myspace bulletin:

"m going to be fighting on June 23rd. I was just notified last night. It will be live on Spike Tv so check it out. God bless.


cool.  Who is he fighting?

He didn't say.

Only 2 weeks notice.

Fuck yeah

How about Huerta vs Aurelio?

not this soon for the rematch.

i guess its not aurellio then

He'll be fighting one of the TUF guys who they have not shown lose yet I'd imagine.

Heurta vs Lauzon would be a war

Probably against Weems or Lobsta. I think they want to build him up more and not give him a tough fight with 2 weeks notice.

winman was robbed against him in the decision in their fight, i'd love to see winman get a chance to beat up their sports illustrated poster boy on national tv

huerta by beatdown

Likely a guy that loses in the semi's which means it'll be a quality fighter....most likely one of these four Lauzon, Diaz(i don't see Hill winning), Wiman or Maynard

Makes alot of sense, he's the SI cover boy.

Garcia on the finale too? Could it be a rematch? Hope not, I'd want to see Garcia get a couple more fights in.

They only gave him 2 weeks notice? That sucks. But I'm glad to see him fighting again.


they should have him fight cole. since cole got half kod by an illegal blow and huerta looked good in his last ufc fight.give cole a chance to show his skills and huerta a chance to fight someone everyone has seen on TV.