Huerta-Guillard: What happened?

Did anyone see this fight? I noticed on Sherdog it says it was a no contest, overturned by commision...Anyone know the circumstances?

it doesnt say that

7 Melvin Guillard Gabe Ruediger KO (Punch to the body) 2 1:01

" it doesnt say that

7 Melvin Guillard Gabe Ruediger KO (Punch to the body) 2 1:01"

Yes it does say this:

NC Roger Huerta No Contest - Overturned by Commission FFC 14-Freestyle Fighting Championship 14 3/5/2005 3

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i think melvins coach was scheduled to fight in that show but had to pull out so melvin filled in but the weights were alot diferent so the commision did not rule it as a commisioned fight so it doesnt actually go against your record. Not 100% sure but i think thats the story i heard

Huerta said Melvin was greased ( alledgedly) ,Huertas Coach Menne , got it ruled a no contest by the commission

So melvin won the fight and then it was overturned? Was it a decision?

Yes Melvin won by Decision Huerta won the first round almost choked Melvin out and Melvin won the next two round by controllling the stand up IMO

"They did a Pancrase (slap fight) rules match and Sherdog listed it on Melvin's record as MMA."

Pancrase rules is MMA.

Melvin got a decision over Huerta. Huerta said Melvin was greasing. The camera caught Melvin spraying grease on himself inbetween rounds. The commision saw this and ruled it a no contest.

Melvin and Hominick would be a great fight. I think Hominick would take it with technique, but it would be very exciting.

Hmm, Isnt spraying yourself with grease blatant cheating?

And why are there so many different versions of what happened? Its as if the event was held in a garage.

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So then why were you spraying his legs? What is it that you sprayed on his legs and what was the purpose of it. The only thing I would put on my legs is thai-oil (which is illegal to use in a fight for obvious reasons) or grease which is also illegal.

Spraying stuff on your legs like you did for kcikboxing is a good excuse? Last I checked there are no takedowns or submissions in kickboxing, where the oil properties from some type of spray might be a factor.

Maybe it was sun block?

damn I just types a long ass story of guys greasing and then accidentally deleted it

it was a split dec. Huerta won imo.

You didn't answer the question of WHY you sprayed his shins. What was the purpose?