Huerta -I don't party, don't drink,0,1344099.column

"I don't party, I don't drink. I'm a full-time fighter,'' Huerta says. "I love training. I love being healthy. That helps me with the healing factor."

"It's an honor to be the first UFC fighter and the first time UFC has been on the cover of SI, "says Huerta. "I had no idea that I was the one to be on the cover. I didn't know until the day before. I was really shocked considering all the big names -- like Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, Matt Hughes. . . . They are all amazing fighters, and they took that one shot (of Huerta), which is pretty crazy."

Since joining the UFC last year, "El Matador" has proved to be one of its most exciting fighters. His unanimous-decision victory against Leonard Garcia was one of the best bouts of the year.

"I was actually having a good time. I had something to prove,'' Huerta says. "As fighters, you train so hard to make sure you can go on forever in a fight. In that fight, I was able to do that. He's (Garcia) a true fighter and a scrapper. You saw two great fighters going at it, holding nothing back and duking it out. It was awesome."

"The weight class is stacked. I don't know when I will get a title shot,'' Huerta says. "It's all up to (UFC President) Dana White and the UFC management. As for me, I just turned 24 so I'm still young. Whenever the time comes, I'll be ready."

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