Huerta, not overrated because...

here we go again. I can't stand you guys who don' use your heads before you type all your nonsense.
Huerta isn't a top 10 fighter, on the fringes maybe, but not top 10. He also is fighting guys that are trying to get into the top 10 and is beating all of them. Alberto Crane holds a win over Javier Vasquez who was going to be in the UFC a couple years back but was plagued with Knee injuries.
He isn't overrated because, we he isn't rated that I know of. He isn't top 10 right now.
With that said, how can people say he is overrated. Um, where is he RATED at all except where the fans say he is rated.
If on the polls, people were like.. He is number 8 in the world, then I can see your arguments, but until then why continue to trash the guy who is living his dream and making money doing what he loves.
Don't give the the UFC pushing him crap. he could have easily lost all those fights he was in as well.

He isn't overrated but is climbing the ranks latter himself. All he needs is one win over a RANKED fighter, then start bashing him if he doesn't show up.
Until that time, why trash him? It would also be different if he came across cocky and arrogant, but he is class act all the way around.

"We hate, whine and complain about everything because we are petty and have nothing better to do in our mom's basement."


The UG

Finally, a proper response.

Thank you Sul.


That's one of the things that you have to get used to in this place.

Needless, baseless whining. 24/7.


lets see him fight Guida


that fight would be insane...

the fight would be awesome.

But then people would come on here if huerta won and say Guida is 1-4
in the ufc blah blah blah.