Arianny MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!

damn... i wish there was an editing function for crappy thread title mispellings.

I think you mean Kris Burman, from ESPN.

All I want to know is if she fucked Burkman.

If she did, what would you do?

like to see this fight!!!

 For the people who are taking this seriously and are really wanting to see this fight, one is at 170, the other at 155. Regardless, Huerta beats the shit out of Burkman, no question.

i thought kenny wants to fight roger...

figure four - i thought kenny wants to fight roger...

 Florian/Huerta is happening August 9th in Minnesota.

really! Damn! I wanted to see those two meet a bit farther down the line.

Ken flo hand hurta his loss via punishing leg kicks and better bjj.

didn't Burkman fight at 155 for on TUF?

This fight is impossible because one is at 155 and the other is at 170 and fighters NEVER change weight classes.

never gonna happen. he just lost to Swick @ 205

wasn't swick fighting at 170 and looking anorexic?