HUGE fights clip

This one's great.Yeah it's a canucks website and the music edit is terrible but still a damn fun watch..Love seeing Ruutu dismantle Grier, and drop Blake (yeah yeah aves fans insist he slipped but the tape shows otherwise).. Keane has a GREAT battle in there and May's at the end vs Montador is cool.Lots of big hits and tons of scraps in the clip.

awesome clip!


LOL @ that fag ruutu dropping big ass Grier, who is supposed to be built like a linebacker.

Also, it doesn't really matter whether ruutu dropped blake or not since blake still did really bad against him and should be both emberassed and ashamed.

is there a link to an .mpeg or .wmv version of that clip?


Go Aves, we are haivng a much better lockout than you. Our players are raising the dead. healing the sick, and making the blind see. Blake did slip by the way, and who cares, its not like Blake is a fighter.


It's still fun to watch.I like that they put in Ruutu's ankle-lock on Commodore too lol.

Hellfire i wish, i know there's a way to save flash vids but my computer-knowledge-dude roomate isn't around to tell me how.

Regardless it's fun to watch some hits and scraps after being without any NHL so far, and there were a few great fights in there...

Oh and the Canucks are still tied for first overall and undefeated so far!

Website rippers are the only way to save flash files of anykind.

I don't know if blake slipped but the punch that would had "downed" him was extremely sissy.