Huge Gym Improvements!!

Beaupit's Mixed Martial Arts has just finished a major upgrade to our gym, making it the biggest and best equipped MMA gym in the Niagara Region.

We just put down over 3,300 sq.ft of brand new tatami. As well, we padded the walls 6' high all the way around, giving us over 230 sq.ft of "ground and pound" wall to work off.

Finally, our Octagon is ready for training in 2 weeks.

Anyone interested in stopping by to work out, feel free to stop in and attend a class.


The SBGi Fall Camp will be taking place at Rich's facility on Oct. 13-15.

Can't wait to see your "new and improved" gym Rich!

Me too.



Great place to train. Rich is a great instructor and now the gym is sounding great!!!


it's great to hear more Ontario gyms creating their own octagons for their fighters to train in. help me out guys: so far I know of the following with octagons:

Toronto BJJ

Tompkins - not sure if it's a full octagon?

Samir's place (can't remember the name) upstairs from Iron Tiger in Hamilton


any more you guys know of?