Huge underdogs in golf wagering

I only pay attention to MMA odds but saw Sophia Popop won the British Open and she was ranked like 325th prior to the win but I did not see odds offered for her. I did see odds offered for another woman in the field who was ranked like 475th in the world and she was +250000 so thats a $250,000 payout on a $100 wagered. That means Popov must have paid outlike like $140k to 180k depending on the odds.

Those types of payouts are unheard of in the only sports wagering I follow so just wondering... any OGers throw small money on huge golf dogs, have any hit for you? You could bet women like Popov for the next thirty years and not have another giant dog like that win a major.  I know the fav won Sunday and he was only paying out like +200.

I’ve purchase a lottery ticket or two.

My buddy won nearly six figures when he bet on Danny Willet in The Masters.