"Something to watch for Sunday: West coach Flip Saunders is vowing to throw a zone at the East in which all five players on the floor will be 7-footers. Minnesota's Kevin Garnett will play at the top of the zone, with five more players to fill four slots: Dirk Nowitzki, Brad Miller, Yao Ming, Tim Duncan and Shaq. And yes, KG counts as a 7-footer no matter what the program says."



What the fuck are they gonna do on offense?? Garnett playing the point, with Dirk at the 2?? LOL

LMAO!!! That would be fuckin great!!!


Will Shaq or Yao be the center?

and the east will still win...

Here's your 7-footer team:

PG - Garnett

SG - Nowitski

SF - Duncan

PF - Shaq

C - Yao

I could see that working. Though Garnett is technically only listed at 6-11.

Fuck that, let Miller in!!! :)