huges(usa)vs amir rahnavardi(iran)

math huges (usa) vs amir rahnavardi (iran).... who is winner?

amir is winner

He's not the same weight and he still wouldn't stand a chance


I have never heard of this fighter and yet I hate him. All your great PR work is really working!

lol at this topic. amir is not in the same galaxy as hughes.

Lol at 'Huges'.

Amir Ragnavardi would win thanks to his iranian blood

Regarding Amir, "Again! Again!" Anyone get the reference? If so, you'll recall one of the funniest moments in MMA!

Big daddy! ^^^^


LOL @ anyone who thinks Hughes would lose this fight. LoL, Hughes would absolutely dismantle him

Hughes takes it unless Amir brings Nukes.

go gettum amir!

ok next topic:

Hughes(USA) vs "some fucking guy"(Cambodia)

who wins?

How about Hughes vs Pele? Hughes would crush that MW can.

Wait a minute...

amir wins by KO after dropping some huge bombs in the 2nd round

Hughes by invasion