Hugh Jackman Returns for Deadpool 3


He should come back as the skinny queerbait he is irl.


I hope they don’t fuck this up. I liked Logan being the end of Jackman’s run as Wolverine and was looking forward to someone else taking the character on.

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Don’t really care about Deadpool but Hugh Jackman is cool as fuck as Wolverine.


Nice product placement of his Gin in that vid. Im a fan of it.


I’m not a fan of comic book movies, but I have to admit Hugh Jackman was just like I imagined Wolverine to be when I read the comics as a kid. As long as they can keep X-Men apart from the gay MCU shit it will be good. I would watch Hulk vs. Wolverine if it was Jackman’s Wolverine and Ruffalo’s Hulk, and Jackman kills Ruffalo (after the movie is complete).


Hope he doesn’t get the same treatment as Professor X in Dr. Strange


That would be very satisfying


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Can we finally get the real suit?


How old is Hugh now? These huge fluctuations in weight and the heavy gear use have got to be taking some toll by now.

I loved Deadpool so much. I disliked part 2 equally as much…ok not that much. It lacked in the storyline for me. Seemed like just another comic book movie. Hopefully three will be a better story


I didn’t like Deadpool 2 either!

There was no subtlety in the character’s motivation, nothing on the plot that made me question the true meaning of humanity or the role of philosophy in shaping societal pressures and issues.

I really, really hope that the inclusion of Wolverine addresses those shortcomings.


Wolverine needs to be like 5’3"

Hugh’s height is too jacked… man.

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Targon or whatever is playing him next. Good actor and none too tall

Exactly, I mean finding a white guy in his 30’s who’s 5’3 and jacked to over 200lbs of solid muscle while being a very good actor shouldn’t be very difficult.

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I believe he dead

He could have done some serious damage in End Game. Have him strategically arrive at a crucial moment, fuck up EVERYTHING, save the day, flip off Cap then leave. That’s what I expect from a Deadpool MCU introduction.

And there’s no living person that is as jacked and short as he was? Gyms are full of these guys nowadays. Of course breaking into the acting industry at 5’3" isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible. Tom Cruise is a little over that height and Joe Rogan is a little under.

A short Wolverine is as important as a white little mermaid.