Hughes and Sonnen

OK, I've stayed away from this site since the fights last night, because the overwhelming taste of crow kept me from being able to concentrate. Now I gotta say, though . . . Hughes and Sonnen impressed the hell outta me last night.

First Hughes. I thought he was gonna lose against Almeida, and lose badly. After Almeida's last fight, it looked to me like he had finally settled at the correct weight and was about to run to the top of the division. Hughes was a perfect match to help him jump immediately into the top five. Hughes might have won by a fluke KO, or might have grounded and pounded Almeida. What he would never do, though . . . no matter what . . . was to catch Almeida in a sub!!!!!!! I've never been a Hughes fan, due to my usual distaste for Midwest rednecks. I have to say that I'm a convert now. It looked to me like Almeida was outstriking him early, and then it happened. That was a hell of a performance. To sub a guy like Ricardo (who fought a long match with Jacare in ADCC without being subbed) is a hell of a feat, whether or not it came partly due to Ricardo being shook from the punch. My hat is off to Matt Hughes for a hell of a job.

Now Sonnen. I really just wanted him to hurry up and get embarrassed by Silva, and go back under whatever rock he came from. Instead, he pretty much kicked Anderson's ass for the whole fight. I kept thinking that Anderson would catch him, but Sonnen put him on his back every round. If Sonnen would've concentrated a little better at the end of the fifth round, we'd have a new champion today. Like Hughes, Sonnen impressed the hell out of me. Next time, I'll give him a hell of a lot more respect.

So the only comment I can get is an obvious troll job?? Utter failure on my part.

I thought Almeida was going to beat Hughes also. If they fought again I would still feel that way. But Hughes tagged him and finished off the stunned Almeida with a choke and I was shocked. Props to Hughes though, that was awesome!

Chael came to fight and kicked Silva's ass for over 22 minutes. Japetto's opinion is completely skewed because if Chael got knocked out or submitted right away, everyone would be on Chael's case for talking so much shit and not backing it up. Instead he took the champion in to deep waters and the crafty champion found a way to win when the clock was winding down. There's been overwhelming support for Chael after his performance, so sorry to call you out japetto, but you are way wrong on the matter.

Chael was very impressive, he got caught it happens. He still owned Anderson for 23 minutes. Next time he will get that belt! Anderson had nothing for him but a last minute miracle