Hughes Bashers = fools

I know most of the people on this board already know this, but i just think
it it totally pathetic for anybody to disrespect or rag on Matt Hughes, one
of the top 5 champions this sport has ever known, because he lost one
big fight.

He has fought everyone they have ever put in front of him, never
complaining, and in this case, on more than one occasion. He is on the
level of a Shaquille O'Neil, or Mark Messier, or many other legends of
different sports. They have lost big ones, and won big ones.. They have
won titles on multiple occasions. They are true legends, and any real fan
of the game should appreciate this and respect them...

He isn't 25 years old anymore guys... chill out and pay some respect to
longevity and greatness!!


Well, GSP did tool him, and Hughes has seemed to be kind of a jerk.


Hey truthfreesyou, define Top 5. I hope you dont think that the sport of MMA is restricted only to the UFC??? Top 5 most consistent, top 5 most dominant, top 5 most title defenses, top 5 WHAT? He has only competed in the US (OK the UK if you want to be technical about it) but he hasnt done shit abroad??? Not saying that he wouldnt do well there, but he hasnt yet. We live in a world, not a country.

"Top 5 most consistent, top 5 most dominant, top 5 most title defenses, top 5 WHAT?"

All of the above.

"he hasnt done shit abroad??"

No other big organization has a 170lb class. Should he have taken a leave of absence from defending the UFC title to fight in Shooto or DEEP?

Are you saying Hughes cant add or cut weight to test his skills in Japan with Pride? (For the record I am not a Pride nuthugger, just want to include everybody).
There can be no "World Champ" until the UFC and Pride get off their asses and talk. Not talk money, talk world title. The problem is that they both want the PPV $$$ and neither will give in. The best thing that can happen to MMA would be the unification of a true world title. It would be tough in the near term, but for MMA to keep growing (and the UFC and Pride) we need to create a "world" title and standards to go with it. Yeah I know the UFC wants a cage and Pride wants a ring and the shit goes on and on and on... but tell me that if you are a true MMA fan you dont want to see how the UFC and Pride fighters match up???

tell that to GSP

Matt Hughes is still the #2 WW!!

Its the UFC WORLD title because it is an equal opportunity employer that won't bar you from participating because of where you were born.

It is NOT called the MMA World Championship. Pride is NOT the UFC, so Pride and its fighters have nothing to do with the validity of the UFC World Championship.

When Pride and UFC sit down and talk, maybe they can create an MMA World title, but until then, all this talk about how the UFC title isn't a world title is ignorance.

As for Matt, he is one of the most dominant 170lb fighters this sport has ever seen. If you are no longer his fan because of his comments, fine by me, to each his own right? But if you are going to fault Matt because he hasn't done this or that in Pride or Shooto or where have you, get the fuck over yourself.

Probably the most dominant champ the UFC will ever see but what info said is true. This is a messageboard built off of fans, not analysts.

I can respect Matt for his skill and accomplishments but hate his personality for the exact same reasons I can feel the same way about Kobe Bryant in basketball. Kobe's a super star, no doubt about it. I acknowledge he's won rings, I acknowledge he's very skilled and gifted at a level I can't even begin to dream of. However, I also think he's a complete ass an I'm not a fan. I'll root against whatever team he's on, I'll hope he loses, and cheer everytime another team beats him.

It's called being a sports fan. We cheer for some, we boo others, and we pull for our favorites whatever the reason may be.

Good post! Matt deserves respect! He has been a great champion. His time may be up but that does not make him any less spectacular as a fighter or change that he is the best WW in UFC history. Give the man some credit.

Hughes is good for the sport. He's a genuine villan in the sport because he's not acting and doesn't give a shit bout what anyone thinks.

I don't want to see the sport filled with all nice guys who respect eachother all the time. Most of the time, yes. All the time? No.

SpiralFraction '

I agree. I hate that guys attitude. I/m drunl and
would kick his ass.

Age had nothing to do with hughes getting beat, on that night gsp took it to hughes and he lost. Age had nothing to do with it..........

I have not seen a single post suggesting Hughes is anything but the most dominant WW champ of all time. He just appears to be a jerk and everyone paying attention has noticed.

Most people seem to be bashing Matt Hughes because he acts like a bully and a prick, not because of his fight record.

Maybe if he wasn't such a dick, people wouldn't bash him? How do you like them apples?

Hughes stole his title from Newton period. Yeh, he defended it and kicked Newtons ass quick, but he's still a thief. I like Hughes, I just like his opponents better. As far as his options right now... If BJ keeps eating and not training he's not a threat. Diego dosent have a chance. GSP will do it again. Yeah, hughes has a chance to get his title back... after GSP is through tearing up the division, but by then Hughes will be ready kick back and relax and do seminars (or coach IFL), which is what all the HOF'ers do once they bow out.

all i am talking about respect. that's it. and shut up if you don't think he
is obviously in the top 5 of all time (at least so far)...