Hughes decision...

Based on UFC scoring I think Matt won. The take downs and top control are sure winners in Nevada.


If it were Pride scoring I think he lost. All the sub attempts (attempts to finish the fight) would have been enough to get a victory.

I actually like the fact that the scoring is different. I think it makes the sport that much more diverse.

I thought Caruto was the more capable fighter that night. Holding a guy down for three rounds shouldn't be enough for a victory.

but apparently laying on your back and getting one close sub does.

I don't necessarily disagree with either of you. However, take downs count for more than attempted armbars. I think he really deserves points for preventing the G&P like he did. That's what amazed me.

So was he trying to win or trying not to lose? LMAO!!! I didnt seem him tee off too often on the ground, hell seemed like Charuto punched more from the bottom.

You shouldn't win a fight just because you took someone down. What does that prove? (except of course if it involves some pain.) He didn't do anything after he took him down, so what does it matter if he got him to the ground. That's like getting points for a good clinch, but you never throw a punch. He took him down, fought off submissions and stood back up. Matt didn't do shit! I thought it was a lousy decision. Matt never came close to winning, verissimo did several times. Matt didn't strike any better either. If you want to win by takedowns alone, get back into wrestling.

Is that what Matt done??? I don't think so. There's a big difference between slamming someone on their head, and grabbing their legs and sitting down with them. No pain was involved in any of Matt's takedowns.

Matt armlocked Charuto and almost got the sub. Should have been a 10 8 round for trying to finish the fight...

By judging criteria I think he won.

Boy, this one seems to be more "how we saw the fight" than "who won the fight".

Hughes did more defending from Charuto's guard than he did attacking.

Hughes was more preventing Charuto's attacks than he was trying to win the fight. With the exception of that armlock, he never had a chance of winning the fight. Attaining top position with a guy like Charuto means nothing. (in fight terms, not necessarily with respect to UFC judging criteria).

Hughes had to struggle to keep from being finished for the majority of the fight. It just happened to be that he did that from being inside Charuto's guard.

bjj is a sport where you want to be on the bottom "

Really? WHy didnt Charuto just pull guard against Newton then? You havent seen any BJJ guys with a top game? or do they just take turns rolling each other onto their backs because they "want to be on the bottom" A takedown means a lot because in MMA we want to see the truest form of combat and takedowns can and do damage. Imagine if this fight took place on concrete? Takedowns dont mean anything then either? Hughes using the scoring system won. Not round one but definetly the next two.

What he's trying to say is that bjj is just as effective from the bottom. Not necessarily that you want to be there. Point is, it doesn't matter if Hughes was on top, that don't mean he had control, or did any damage. As far as the takedowns go, even if it was on concrete, none of those takedowns would have done much, even on concrete. AND, if it was on concrete, I'm sure Verissimo would have done things different, like letting go of the triangle after getting lifted off the ground. You can't compare a ring fight to 'what would've happened if...' because it would have been a totally different fight.