Hughes KO's Penn- Yeah Baby !!!!

Sweet fight - Penn exhausted - Great win by Matt.

Thats not a spoiler at all...


ref stoppage = KO?

GSP with some out of charecter comments huh ?

Personally I am glad Hughes beat Penn, damn I cant stand Penn or his attitude. Great finish by Hughes

Penn didn't gas. He just stopped trying.

" Penn beat himself. He was dominating Hughes till he gassed."


Guess what -- just like RNC defense, conditioning is something you TRAIN. Hughes trained and escaped the RNC this time even though Penn had the body triangle. Penn did not train enough to stand up to Hughes' continued pressure, and Matt destroyed him.

I hardly think getting beat for two rounds and then coming back to beat someone who completely quit fighting constitutes "dominating."

"LOL at stopped trying. Why would he stop trying? He just had nothing left to give in his gas tank."

I'll tell you why. Because he gets discouraged easily. He tried some subs, didn't get them. He got discouraged and just quit. It's actually quite common among athletes.

Penn was in shape. He fatigued / blew his wad with that 2nd round combo sub attempt.

BJ's amazing on the ground. I want to see these guys mix it again a third time.


please no rubber match. I can't takle this again.

"I blew my Wad tonight - Sorry folks"

Like I'v always said. The better fighter doesn't always win. Sometimes the better fighter loses to the better athlete.

Well, in fairness, Penn did take the fight late. Six weeks is a pretty good lead time but still ...

But what can you say? BJ wasn't in top shape and in the end the consequences were clear.

To be honest, I'm not sure what an "in shape" BJ would look like. He sorta went to sleep in the GSP fight. Mebbe he just has bad endurance overall?

I will say that when he was fresh he was basically schooling Hughes standing and on the ground. That's something that newborn Hughes nuthuggers ought to keep in mind. (And mind you, I respect Hughes athleticism and his veteran status). Does it change the outcome of the fight? Obviously not--Hughes is that man and exposed Penn's weak heart (literally, not figuratively). But future challengers (i.e., GSP and whoever is next in line) would do well to take note of Hughes limitations.

Of course not everyone has the crazy natural gifts that Hughes does. And GSP sure as hell needs to have an A-class camp to prepare for Hughes or he'll lose based on Hughes' overall work ethic and professionalism.