Hughes my similar caddishness GSP

George St Pierre will dominate dull Hughes in promised in marriage the rubbermatch. Did not Matt has anything for GSP in the standup play, and it of GSP which been able to take down. How Matt this is fight will gain? It will deplore disrespect which it showed at George.

I don't understand a f'ing word you said.

I sense a trend with guys who post like this.

It was only funny when Ninoplata did it.

This has to be an online translation.....has to be....

Hang yourself for the Holiday's.

Rappy nailed it (English to Dutch, Dutch to French, French to English). Just had to see what it would look like. Now what would be nice is if someone would do a professional pre-fight writeup and run it through the Snoop Dog translator:

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P.S. Haywood -- looks like English isn't your first language, either.

"after my fight I would like to thank science"

aftizzle my fizzle I would lizzle to thizzle scizzle

I never claimed to be an English prof, I just think the thread is stupid.

This had better be a Troll thread.

Go to school much?