Hughes NEXT Fight???????

I hear Lytle.......

I hear Trigg III......

Now Diego......

Who the hell is Hughes NEXT opponent?????

nobody who might jeopardize the rematch with GSP...

I say Diego.

Diego could prove that he really is that good. OR

Hughes could remind everyone that he is still the best.

Lytle unfortunately.

I doubt they put him up against a real tough guy, they want Hughes to look good after his loss to GSP.

Hughes can still headline a card with any number of opponents, but a fight with Lytle just makes no sense.

ufc doesnt want to ruin diego's title shot with a beating by hughes. and they dont want to have another rematch too soon like they did with aa and sylvia.

Lights out for Lytle.

I like Lytle a lot, but unfortunatly you are correct.

I would rather see Hughes vs. DeSouza... this way, Lytle is still marketable from his TUF performance, Hughes can potentially dominate someone to help gain momentum for a title rematch, and Tony has the chance to redeem BJ's loss to Matt, and his last performance against Thiago. If Tony wins, he shocks the world. If Matt wins, he will probably look impressive doing it.