Hughes or Couture, who loses 1st?

I was just thinking of 2004 and all the good fights these guys will have, and wondered who you guys think will stay champ longer...Hughes or Couture?

this is a good question...I will go with Randy because I enjoy watching him fight a lot more than Hughes, although I do respect both of them. Randy has much more competition, but I think that Hughes will lose a rematch with Trigg if it happens.

I would say Couture will lose first imo.

Couture will lose to Vitor because he is not the underdog in that match. I can see hughes continuing to dominate and possibly moving to middleweight or maybe even being sent to pride to fight andersen silva or hendo.

i just watched randy take a serious beating against silva


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Hughes isnt going to lose any time soon, he's dispatched with of all the top challengers at his weight, and Randy has some BIG matches ahead of him, he needs to be right on his game every single time.


Hughes has an easier opponent in Penn, than Randy with Vitor IMO.

Both will lose in the same show.



Hughes has already destroyed most of the world class competitors at his weight.

I'd say Randy because Matt is in his prime where Randy is getting up there and secondly the competition is a little tighter at the 205 class in the UFC. IMO.

lmao at "feeding him people like Penn..." as if he's some kind of tomato-can or something... oh geez... that's good stuff... thanks for the chuckle...