I read on Matt Hughes web site "I have contacted the UFC and if Serra loses I want him next" I think if this happens win or lose Matt Hughes will retire

 Agreed...and I hope Hughes loses.

cant wait to see this fight. as soon as serra lost i said "cant wait for serra and hughes to fight" i think hughes should take it but i want to see this fight happen

It will be a great fight.

Used to dislike Hughes but Serra bothers me even more.
Hughes by beatdown.

I used to not care for gsp, but I wanted him to dominate serra. I really want hughes to dominate serrra.

At least Hughes has earned the right to be how he is. Has Serra?????

hughes/serra would look a lot like serra/GSP II

while gsp outclassed hughes, hughes is at least as good as gsp when on top.

Interesting fight. I go for Matt.

Hughes has proved himself as a legit Champ, yes GSP has his number, but you can't say many people do. You have to be able to defend your title so Serra does not fit into that catogory, to be considered a good champion. Hughes by GNP

I hope Serra tears the douche apart.

how can anyone think that serra would win??? Hughes/GSP is like Franklin/Silva, GSP just has his number and hughes like franklin is so far ahead of everyone else in the division but just cant beat that one guy

Hughes will murder him.

Serra looks a lot softer than he used to, and all we've seen from Hughes lately is him getting tossed around the cage by GSP like a rag doll. So it's hard to gauge where either of them are at, compared to where they used to be.

But common sense says Hughes wins easy.

Hard to say how it goes down. Hughes has the best historical record, but they both got beat down by GSP in dominating fashion.

Hughes will win and then we'll never hear of Matt Serra again.

Hughes will win and then we will see Serra one more time loose to a B level guy. Then we will never see Serra again. But he has the BJJ market covered in NY with his schools. NY needs different BJJ schools/MMA schools for guys to cross train with different guys. That's why we don't see much talent from that part of the country.