Hughes & St. Pierre contact info?!

Would like to talk to both Hughes and St. Pierre for the story I am writing for the paper.....If anyone can help me or they wnt to email they can email me at:



No you cannot have their stubs or passes :-)

TTT for Arias


arias, try pats academy in iowa!

ahhhh...thanx bro....that will be my last question of the interview...

needs some TKO/UCC passes!



i guess I can email me Jens to help with Matt....but I need St. Pierre's contact!!!!



You can try emailing TKO for St. Pierre. They are his mgmt. I don't think you'll get anyone freely emailing you his contact info. At least I hope not.

Let me know how you did? Otherwise, I returned your email and will assume that you got a hold of him! :) is probably a good bet for getting a hold of Steph and then he can pass it onto Georges.