Hughes V Gracie @ Scores San Jose

Please come join me and watch the Hughes V Gracie fight at Scores Sports Bar located at 417 South First Street in Downtown San Jose. We will have a bunch of local fighters and people who train watching and partying. If you like to hang with like minded people that LOVE the UFC and MMA fights then Scores is where to go. It is only $10 and it will be a great party. If you have any questions please let me know.




ttt, finally a bar is gonna show the ufc in the south bay!!

TTT...the South Bay Area has a lot of MMA schools and STRIKEFORCE attendance proves there is a lot of interest in the sport in the area. I've been wondering for awhile why you never hear of places showing the UFC. this will be a great MIXER FOR THE FANS OF THE SPORT TO RUB SHOULDERS !!!!!

and show their support for our local fighters...

I am very happy to be putting this on. We will be doing this every UFC PPV. It will also provide a great place where people can network and meet. I hope you all come out and have fun!

Make a day of it! from 12-5pm we will be hosting a Submission Wrestling Smoker at Unlimited Kickboxing Training Center located inside Milpitas Fitness @ 1000 Jacklyn rd, Milpitas. There will be a barbecue, DJ, and Strikeforce ticket giveaway! Hope to See you all at both events.

Rudi Ott
Unlimited Kickboxing &
South Bay Fight Club

Come out and see where your level is. There will be many different levels and sizes for you to test it out. It is a round robin so you will grapple a few times at least. Come support it and there will be more. It will only make us all better!



You just may see me there alex. I'll give you a call. btw, are you still having a may event? I'm booked, but just curious.

I would love to have you come out Brian. I got your first couple drinks. Bring a crew and we will have fun after. I will let you know about the event as it has been delayed.

We GO!

keeping it alive! Yeah who wants to watch fights on a small screen anyway.

Will Mike Kyle be there?

Wow, great news! If I didn't insist on drinking heavily during the PPV I'd drive down there, but trying to navigate 101 after tying one on just wouldn't be responsible of me.

TTT this shit!

After you drink during the fights join us at the Vault to finish off the party!

again, its hard keeping these things from disapearing

Don't worry Rudi we will keep it up....haha....

I can not wait for the party. Some old friends are showing up and we will have a ball.

Well hello all! Do not forget!

Uhhhhh Hello!

No it is on south 1st across from the Billiard hall. It will be some fun.

And there will be plenty classy San Jose ladies there!