Hughes v Karo?

Rumored for UFC in Ohio?Anyone Heard this?

no, but that sounds awesome...source?


No real source.Just something I read on sherdog.
It does sound likely being that they were scheduled to fight in the past.Would be an awesome fight!

in the forums?  Shitdog forums are full of trolls.  Not that they arn't here too, but i wouldn't take anything you hear there as being fact. I agree, that seems like the best possible match-up right now.

I agree.I'm new to the UG and have noticed that sherdog can be trollville.Although i'm new to the UG,i'm not new to MMA.Been watching and studying the art for a while.Hope to fit in well and not coming off or being labeled as a Troll!

i heard you mention Miguel Torres on a different thread, are you from Indiana?  I've seen Torres fight like 5 times...he could be the best 135lb fighter in the U.S.

This fight actually would make a lot of sense.

there are some obvious trolls here, their not hard to miss.  best advise i can give you is don't feed the trolls, ignore them and move on.

"This fight actually would make a lot of sense. "



agreed^^^ i'm going to the Ohio UFC event, so that would be sweet.

I'm from Oklahoma.I try to keep up with up and coming fighters.I've heard nothing but good things about Miguel T .It seems that everyone looks past all the guys that aren't in the big shows.The MMA scene has been pretty hot down here.Been to a few shows and seen some talent.

Believe the hype he's unreal.  He's fighting on that GFC ppv , you ordering that?

Is it going to be On Demand?

i believe so, the last one was..pretty good card too.

that fight would be awesome. karo is my favorite ufc fighter, but i gotta give this one to matt hughes by overpowering karo and staying on top long enough to get the decision

Cornfield hell is more to the  But i live in the Chicago land area and i agree the UFC needs to come to Chicago.  Well at least it's in driving distance this time around and I'll be there.

Hopefully Rich F.will be making his comeback on this one ,being that he's from Ohio!
Hughes by 3rd round stoppage!

Maybe they'll have Gurgel and Hamil on the undercards!

He is rumored as well as Swick and the Sylvia/ Vera title fight

Gurgel i would bet will be on the card as well