Hughes Vs. Charuto at what weight?

Is it's going to be at 170 or is Hughes and Charuto going to agree to fight at 175?

Lee, Charuto agreed to 175 cux Newton was over. It will be at 170 vs Hughes.

it will be at 170lbs. newton was fine, charuto was over due to visa problems that took a few extra days to get resolved.

other way around...
newton was the one that came in heavy and asked for the fight to be at 175 and charuto agreed...

lol @ needing a visa from hawaii :)

"im guessing 170..why would it be at 175?"

You never know, because Hughes has weighed-in over 170 before.

LMAO at cdranka!!!

I don't remember him weighging over 170 in the UFC.

170 lbs....

his visa was over the credit limit, he couldnt pay for the trip, LOL