Hughes VS. GSP ll

GSP via ref stoppage (punches) in Rd 1.


oh i cant wait. i want GSP to win so badly and god knows he deserves it. hah when GSP and BJ fought i was friggen nervous. i seriously cant wait. im so pumped. anyways if u cant tell.. GSP in decision. going to be close though

i have no clue.

Dammit sleepy cho that is not a debate!! lol

Mourner are you also Canadian?

yea im canadian. in B.C

Cool, Toronto myself.

ah i just moved from timmins ontario

Nice, enjoy BC. I lived in Burnaby a long time ago, it rains a lot but is nice overall.

C'mon people, let's hear it!! It's only...oh, 4 or so months away til' the fight, lol.

GSP by KO.

haha sry geese buh truly i have not idea on who will win. yes itd be nice to see GSP win..but hughes will be very well prepared for this fight. either way..its gonna be a grinder.