Hughes vs. Royce standup

How much better do you guys think Hughes' standup is compared to Royce? Because how in the world is Royce going to take Hughes down? You know Hughes does not want to stay in Royce's guard for too long if he takes Royce down, plus they will get stood up if Royce neutralizes Hughes and doesn't try submissions from his back constantly. I see it being another Sakurai/Hughes rematch unless Royce can capitalize on the feet. By the way, I hope Royce kicks Hughes' ass!

1.)Hughes is taking Royce down
2.)Hughes has power when he hits
3.)Royce's stand up is AWFUL
4.)Royce's power didn't hurt a 145 lb fighter
5.)Hughes stand up is less awful than Royce's and he has power

So everything you've brought up is pretty much a moot point. Its funny: years ago I predicted wrestlers would own everything cause they'd get decent stand up and nobody'd take them down. People laughed in 96 when I said Goodridge would kill Royce.

And what I said came true, but people screwed it up: everybody got good takedowns like a world class wrestler. Not only that, world class wrestlers with superior stand up have to take guys down for some reason. Same goes for anybody with better stand up who isn't getting taken down against a guy like Royce. Akebono isn't the best example skillwise, but thats what I'm talking about. WTF? He went to the ground because...why?

And Erickson vs. Murilo too. WTF?

Hughes will GNP him, the stand up probably wont be much.

its going to the ground really quick

Royce trains in Sam Pai Kempo as can be seen in his 2nd fight with Yoshida.

Deadly nut kick.

You guys (except Linkage) are missing the point of this.

If Hughes chooses to take Royce down he is making a CRAZY mistake because the only way Royce can hurt Hughes is on the ground..Hughes should keep it standing where Royce has nothing at all.

In a recent magazine publication...Matt stated he will stand and box with Royce. I see Matt going for a takedown with 30 seconds left to score a point and hold every round.

Hughes should do that, it would be a great tactical decision. Though Royce will no doubt try to pull guard.

"The only thing stand-up'ish about Royce vs.Hughes will be the clinch. The rest will be Hughes between Royce's brazilian legs."

you don't think that would be a dumb thing for Hughes to do?

I think I might cry a little if this fight stays standing. I want to see a ground fight between these 2, not a 3rd rate kickboxing match.

For the fans a ground fight is better for sure. But for Hughes standing is better.

My prediction:
Hughes stands up and boxes with Royce. He smashes his face in. Royce in a futlie attempt to take Matt down, pulls guard then...uhhhhmmm GETS HIS FACE SMASHED IN. The ref stands them up because Royce is just holding on. Repeat of first line.

End state:
Royce gets his face smashed in.

Next match: One of Royce's cousins to try and redeem his Gracie honor like he did against Sakaraba. Bring in Renzo and it'll just be a repeat of lines one through three.

TTT for Matt Hughes the face smasher inner!

most or royce vs saku was sak beating him standing,.thats how it wil look vs matt

"And Erickson vs. Murilo too. WTF?"

Bustamante wouldn't stand. He spent the whole fight buttscooting. For there to be any contact between them whatsoever, Tom had to go to the ground.

why ground and pound (with the risk of a sub) when he can stand and pound? if he takes it to ground Hughes is only giving Royce a chance.

this will likely be a very boring fight which hughes will probably win.

Chance you are probably right on the money. As much as I'd love to see Matt knock that ol' dude out, this has the potential to be a very boring fight ALA Sherk/Diaz.