Hughes vs. Serra @ UFC 75

In reference to everyone asking "How long are we gonna have to wait for Hughes vs. Serra?" well, heres the answer: September

"UFC 74 is expected to take place in August, and a UFC 75 event (featuring UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra vs. Matt Hughes) should happen in September. Cincinnati's October event could be dubbed UFC 76."


Hughes shouldn't get a shot imo........Kos should.....He beat the #1 guy and gets gsp for his win, not cool.........

MMAWeekly says it will be November or December.

As long as the fight occurs by the end of the year, it's really not all that long to wait. I think we're spoiled as MMA fans with title defenses every 3-4 months or so. Serra by fettucini to the eye.

September would be (barely) acceptable, because then the winner of Kos/GSP could fight for the title by the end of the year.

But, I'm pretty sure Dana said Hughes/Serra will be at the end of TUF, and that season doesn't start until September (I think).

Dana's been quoted saying he's aiming for London in September.