hughes vs. serra who will take it?

who else is tired of serra talkin shit? he hates matt STILL because he beat his idol gracie. would it be an interesting fight? cuz i think hughes will submit him....

I like them both.  Serra is very entertaining and likeable, and Hughes catches too much shit.

I think Hughes takes this by GnP.

The TERRA!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think Serra's dislike of Hughes has anything to do with the Hughes v Royce fight.

Unless I'm missing a quote or something.

but hopefully we will see a patented hughes slam, then GnP= perfect fight.

Hughes by complete domination.


it will not leave rd 1.

yea he really did say that when gracie lost. he thinks hughes is over rated. and he keeps runnin his mouth. but its all in show i know. im sure its not that anymore, but i know he held a grudge for a while....


"If we see the same Serra we have in the past prior to the title, Hughes will take it."

What about the 1 that beat BJ and got screwed on the decision?

Or the one who flash KO'd Karo? How about the one who whooped Curran and Menjivar?

Serra will be a better coach too.

No but I have seen Serra beat BJ before.

Talented dick!

hughes by more talented dick

Hughes by G & P.

I want to see Serra win that fight, but it is SO far away time-wise.

serra has better standup and dominating jiujitsu. Hughes only wins by lay and pray. My moneys definetely on serra in this fight and its a better match up for serra then him vs GSP, we all saw how that went.

Serra by gogoplata rd 2

hughes by g&p you have to remember hughes is hungry again and wants his title back

"you have to remember hughes is hungry again and wants his title back"

He hasn't looked hungry in any of his last 3 fights.

hughes has finished more and better guys than serra

Hughes will Matt Hughes Matt Serra