Hughes vs. St. Pierre 57 Rumor

Saw this in a thread on Sherdog then on Matts site.

Since 57 is a few months away, I do not think it would be to fast for Matt to defend again. If this happens I bet its going to be Karo / Penn for the next shot at the belt.

I doubt that the UFC will make Hughes fight again so soon. The earliest I would see another title shot for MW or WW would be 58. Back to back fights in the UFC have happened, but not usually for the champs.

God I wish this could happen though.

-Blix (Ronin BTT)

Makes sense seeing farm season is over.

GSP!!! GSP!!! GSP!!! GSP!!! GSP!!!

"doubt that the UFC will make Hughes fight again so soon"

Thats what I would think too (but it is 3 mos away). Since it came from Matts site there must be some talk of it.

He fought back-to-back before (45 & 46) so I wouldn't be surprised.

"He fought back-to-back before (45 & 46) so I wouldn't be surprised."

Once again, Shotcaller points out something that had slipped my mind. I'll point out that he lost to Penn at 46 so the UFC may take that into account as far as booking back to back title fights for their champs.

Would still love to see it happen.


There is a lot of talent to get through on PPV's. They have to step up the timetable, just to get it all in!

I don't think it's possible to run through Penn. I would love to see this fight though.

In the olden days it wasnt unheard for a great boxer or racehorse to compete every few weeks. You stayed in shape by competing, not training. Getting 3 months between a title fight after a 2 minute cakewalk is not out of the question or seem like something Hughes would object to. Frankly he's been on a roll, and why not try to keep things on track by being active.

Yeah, I'd like to end all this Frenchie business asap.

You might but we all know GSP's only begun his domincance in the WW world and the Crow has just begun his ascension aswell.

Vive le Quebec, bitches.

"Vive le Quebec, bitches."


I think GSP is a terrible matchup for Penn; and would like to get the Hughes v Penn rematch in.

GSP has demolished enough folks to get the shot but he can wait 3 months and give us Penn v Hughes.

"Rumor" 'nuff said

This fight should happen, the UFC needs to go ahead and start matching all the talent they have in the welterweight division against eachother. I'll take it one step further and say since they have Penn back, they need to strip Hughes of the title and put together a Welterweight Tournament together. May the best man win.

White is correct.
BJ violated contract terms then left the belt, and GSP has already lost to Hughes once.They should fight to determine the next shot imo.

Agree with White347LX.........

I just seen UFC 56 for the 1st time last night. GSP is absolutely awsome. In my opinion, I don't think anyone in his class can touch him. I could not find a flaw in both his fights and he faught 2 champs. BJ will be his only challange, but GSP would still win that fight.