Hughes would be big star in Japan

If Matt goes to Pride, and he can really be huge star!!! imagine if he picks up his oponets, walk accross the ring and drop them on their head, or even thow them out of the ring, I think he can do that to most of the middle weight in Pride. ( no one ever did something like that in Pride) wouldn't Pride build him up as some kind of babayface monster? and have all these Japanese fighter fighting him? He should be the one UFC send over!!!!

there must be quite a psychological reaction to being handled like that. For sure Trigg gassed himself in fight 2, but I also think Matt psyched him out with that carry and the resulting mounted GnP.

being lifted against your will is pretty devestating. yeah he'd go off in Japan, but I think the UFC is doing him just fine.

Yeah, the UFC treat him good. Besides he likes to fight in the US, and in venues where his family and his Iowa contingent can make the trip to see him fight as well. It means something to him.

I agree, but more importantly the Japanese culture really would appreciate the way Matt carries himself in & out of the ring

Sherk did that in Japan. HUGE slams and the "All American" thing. It didn't play.

Look what Americans are there now: Rampage, Randleman, Crazy Horse, Sapp, Baroni....get it? See the similarities?

Sure they have Henderson and Coleman, but they are battle proven and got in Pride at the very beginning.

I think it is obvious what type of American they are looking for now (Lister being the exception).

Look at how most of the world views the US. A loud, arrogant, violent, unpredictable bully that they love to hate.