Hugo Duarte and Tadeu???how Good were they??

Duarte i remember reading about was looked at as being a nightmare...he fought a few japanese guys and destroyed Harold howard and he seemed to get his reputation from this, correct?anything else that bolstered his rep?he fought rickson and lost on the beach i remember..Peretti signed him and hugo came out aggressive against Tank but got his soul ripped out..

Eugenio Tadeu also had a crazy reputation.. seems his reputation was more grounded in reality than Duartes though..he beat the piss out of Wallid Ismail early on and fought Royler to a draw in a challenge match..?he was scheduled to fight Ralph gracie in extreme Fighting but the fight ws cancelled while some say it was because Ralph was scared???i actually believe Tadeu would have beaten him...??

so were these guys mostly hype or reality?

met Hugo at ufc 17. Seem happy to meet fans and take pictures. He made a mistake vs tank trying the sub, should/could have maintained the back and just pounded away.

I think he was named a vilan when I really dont think he was a bad guy

I always wondered how Tadeu ended up after Mikey Burnett dribbles his brain like a basketball during their fight. He had some weird looking spaced out eyes during that fight. Phone Post 3.0

not to be a nit picker but Wallid beat the piss out of can watch the fight on youtube or check out ProIce's thread

Tadeau's brain is fine, he recently ran for some form of office in Brazil, also has his own fight team, found all of this on his Facebook page Phone Post

Eugenion Tadeau gave Royler Gracie and Wallid Ismail a run for their money in their Vale Tudo fights in Brazil when he was a lot younger. Duarte was very highly touted and was def legit and skilled. I remember the od tapes of Hugo Duarte on the market where he was called "The Mike Tyson of Vale Tudo".

Tadeau fought Renzo to until the riot started.


Forgot about the Renzo fight. Yeah it was a very good fight until that riot. If you guys Renzo Gracie Legacy it shows a lot of good footage of the riot. Great documentary!

Duarte was gonna walk through tank and he made the grave error of trying the arm bar from tanks bank and slipped off. That was that. His fight with Kerr was tough to watch, he kept scooting out of the ring.
Tadeau was doing great against Renzo until some jackass decided to kick Renzo through the cage,
I used to love the Luta Livre fighters.

Tank said that win was for Frank Sinatra, who had recently passed. That was kind of cool.

Don't forget the great Johil or even the creonte Pequeno Phone Post

I like throwback threads like this.


I was too new back then to know how good those guys were. I wonder how a fight would've gone between them and Allen Goes.

Mikey Burnett beat Eugenio Tadeu into a living death at UFC 16, but that guy would not go down. Tons of heart, can fight on auto pilot.

Tadeu's eyes looked like he was watching an airshow plane do loops as they helped him out of the ring.

Amazing how he was able to stand.