Hugo Duarte: Luta Livre

Yeah, there were definitely some odd-looking KOs there, but there were also a TON of armbars and kneebars, way more than the vid might suggest. They were scrapping for sure :slight_smile:

Any kuialua videos posted in this thread? I’m in the mood to head to the beach today and break some limbs.

Nope, i never bought into greg’s spiel and never came across any second hand. He was banging appolonia, which is pretty impressive though. She was a damn comely wench, must have been nuttier than a squirrel, however.

you have dishonored reylson with your nonsense, that shining bastion of morality, besmirched by your grasping nincompoopery.

The pic of reylson and asbelt above several posts was taken right after reylson presented asbelt with his black belt. The pic below is the mugshot from 6 hrs of drinking later.

asbelt mugshot

De braco, what’s your favorite Kyokushin kata?

Mine’s Seinchin.

Dunkin Donuts sono ichi

  • De Breako

mmmm! Donuts…

that would actually be cocaine/bud light sono ichi. I was never really a kata guy and it wasn’t focused on in my dojo, also wasn’t a fan of kicking without making contact with something, it’s very hard on the knees to kick air. If i had to pick one , would have probably have to be kanku dai though.

3rd tape of the series, circa 2009. From a jkd standpoint, these are excellent.

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A Youtube suggested video.

Another suggested video from youtube, uploaded by chinese martial arts. If anyone wants any of the 130 videos i uploaded prior to 2017, you’ve only got a month before they’ll be nuked on the 23rd of july. I’ve filed for a variance, but will believe it when i see it

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Victor Hugo Duarte and les Misérables seminar, circa 2018.

We’ve come full circle, I see!

Any idea which gym that is…? Pretty sure I watched video of a small Luta Livre tournament hosted there.

then you sense a change
Nothing feels the same
All your dreams are strange
hugo comes walkin’ back in
no green card illegal alien
Waits for the opening
Then simply pulls a string
it’s a luta livre thing.

it says the gym at the end of the tape, i don’t recall it offhand. Definitely a step-up from the other luta livre dojos i’ve seen.

That material in that seminar is much better material than his other videos. I knew he knew some good stuff, but you don’t see it on his formal instructionals.

the rio videos magic worked by frederico lapenda and bas boon. It boggles my mind how they could do it again and again

Not sure if this was posted before but it’s worth posting again.


And this:


Coolio julio! I’ve posted the whole thing, which is only about 35 minutes long, somewhere here. Where is anyone’s guess, however.

And to find it, you’d have to mount an expedition to the farthest reaches of luta livre’s realm. It’d have to be one of those late victorian type polar expeditions with some sherpas, a navajo tracker, a few Kalahari bushmen, pack of ravenous hounds, an amazonian shaman and a few korean “comfort” women with provisions and armament to last a minimum of 2 months.

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Man… the Hamburglar Top Team was so ahead of it’s time.