hulk comic question

does anybody here read the hulk comics?
I want to know what issues feature the story where the abomination kills betty ross.


hi KKM


ok...let's break this down into little bitty steps.

1.) I'm a Mod, not a troll.

2.) I recently purchased the trade paperback
Abominable...wich collects a six part story
in Hulk comics which is a sequel to the
previous hulk/abomination story and it
references the Betty Ross death Strolyline.
3) There are various Hulk/Marvel games for PC/PS
Roleplaying, etc

4.) Some who might have bought the Hulk games
is probably a fan who also buys the books.

So, if anyone can help me I'd appreciate any help
because I'd like to purchase those issues.

Post this on the main OG forum. You're more likely to find someone who knows the answer.

Track down Muaithaidaddy, he will know

"ok...let's break this down into little bitty steps."

1) Hi

2) KKM

i forgot i'm KKM too. DOH!

If it helps, Abomination confesses to killing Betty Ross in Incredible Hulk # 442....