Hulk Hogan says UFC "Work Shoot"

Hogan on Bubba the Love Sponge show.

"- Hulk said UFC was a "work-shoot" (exact quotes) and argued that point with Brent who is the BTLS producer and is training in MMA currently. When Bubba tried to ask if Hogan meant that the fights were a shoot but everything else was a work, Hogan said "whatever brother" and "to wake up and smell the dog s***" regarding UFC's legitimacy. Hogan said Brent has no idea because he never had a match. "

What a fucking idiot.

LOL, the guy has become his gimmick and that's sad.

this is coming from a "professional wrestler"

"he is scum, he treated so many wrasslers like shit and did his best to keep every up and comer out of the picture"

This statement is actually somewhat true... He did job to Kidman, however.

"this is coming from a "professional wrestler"

I was thinking that when I read about this.

Well, Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bolea is ignorant about a lot of things... Does anyone remember the WWF steriod trial and what he said under oath about using them?

that is fucking hilarious

That Fedor vs Hogan video is awesome!

Ahh yes, Joe's Brazilian cousin, Hulk.

it isnt that crazy to think that there are still works in this sport. there is a lot of money to be made & fighters to be protected - but i think that a worked fight scandal in the UFC would kill the sport where it is.

not sure if anyone is that brazen yet.

Hulk, Vale, etc.,...KNOW THE TRUE NATURE OF SPORTS. :(

The only thing that I'm more ashamed of liking when I was young than Hogan's wrestling is Michael Jackson's music.

nkm- you need to cut back on the trolling

Hey Bubba, at least with Michael Jackson's music you could have gotten a little something back out of it...

Alzheimer's imo.

Hulk said in the same interview that everything in life is a "work". This would mean that him saying that UFC was a work/shoot is also a work. Hulk admits to not knowing sh*t about MMA. Hulk is always "on" and always "working", and it looks like it worked. People are talking about Hulk Hogan.

Mission accomplished.

come on guys, Hogan knows best.

No way Fedor survives the legdrop.Sorry guys,Fedor ain't overcoming the power of Hulkamania.

Hogan is straight up jealous. He was part of a sport that pretended to be real and just plain isn't. He has a hard time coping with the idea of something that IS real and something Pro Wrestling has been trying to mimmick for the entire time it has been around is taking over.

Nothing against pro wrestlers, I have nothing but respect for them. They live very hard lives and what they do should definitely be specified as a sport in my opinion but, its absolutely ridiculous to come out and bash something you know NOTHING about and will never know nothing about.

It has to be radio shtick he can't be that stupid.